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Fuck Yeah Chris Salvatore

My new favorite Tumblr of my favorite gay singer/actor, Chris Salvatore.

Chris Salvatore’s nice big cock

I just came across this picture reading this article on Naked Sword. And for the record, I love Chris Salvatore‘s singing. I bought his last two EPs on Amazon. I’ve listed to both many times on repeat at work. And Dirty Love is a great song, but the video is horrible
Anyway it’s great to see that he’s a grower!

Chris Salvatore’s latest track: The Sound of This Beat

Chris Salvatore released his latest EP, The Sound of This Beat
I’m a big fan of his voice and his music so I just bought it off Amazon
I’m listening to it while I write this post and I’m loving it.
The EP also includes his heartfelt, It Gets Better. And there’s an awesome cover of I Want Your Sex.

Chris Salvatore: It Gets Better

One of my favorite guys, Chris Salvatore, wrote a song for It Gets Better. It’s kinda sweet and makes me want to cry. I remember being young and suicidal. Hearing this song would have given me hope.

And here’s his It Gets Better video, it’s very touching.

Chris Salvatore: Dirty Love Video

Chris Salvatore’s Dirty Love video came out this week. I really like the song. It has catchy lyrics and some people complain about too much auto-tune,
but I think it works for this track.
What I don’t like is the video. I’m guessing its to appeal to mass audiences. And mass audiences like lesbians. I just wish Chris worked it and sold it. He has no chemistry with the girls, it’s like they aren’t even in the same room. Like when they are fondling and grabbing him it’s just so forced.
(Maybe I’m just a jealous bitch and wish it was me fondling him)
Another thing I absolutely hated was the over use of gels, I counted like 15 different colors. One of the most striking things about Chris are his eyes and they get washed out in reds, yellows, greens, oranges, and blues for half the video.
One thing I did like was Chris rocking the keytar!
Chris there’s a big ass behind you, but you don’t care.
Please let your next video just be you, hanging out by the pool with your friends. 
I swear more people will watch it.