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Big muscle sex in SCORE! with John Magnum and Craig Reynolds

SCORE! GAME 2 (Scene 4)
Starring Craig Reynolds & John Magnum

John Magnum’s coaching technique involves a lot of verbal abuse, dick-stroking, and face-fucking – a combination that works well for Craig Reynolds. After a grueling workout John rewards Craig by shoving his thick cock down his throat. As soon as Craig’s dick is hard John goes down on him, but not for long. Coach John wants to plow Craig’s giant bubble-butt. He mounts the giant wrestler and power-fucks his hole then lies back and orders Craig to ride him. Craig grabs the gymnastic rings and bounces up and down on John’s cock until they both blow their loads.

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NASTY Scene 4 with Diablo Fox & Nick Forte

Nick Forte finds Diablo Fox in chains with his ass in the air. Forte shoves his fist deep in Fox’s hole and massages his prostrate until Fox can’t control himself any longer; he releases hot yellow streams of piss high into the air. Forte rewards him by working his arm elbow-deep into Fox’s twitching butthole

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Hot House Backroom LIVE: Craig Reynolds vs. Cole Streets

Watch studs Craig Reynolds and Cole Streets go at it online Live tonight!

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Looks like Matt Cole is back with Kyle King with Backroom LIVE

It will be great to see Matt’s more muscular bod back in action 🙂

So check out Backroom LIVE
on Monday!

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Jock gear sex with Logan Scott and Valentin Petrov

SCORE! Game 1 (Scene 4)
Starring Logan Scott & Valentin Petrov

Logan Scott and Valentin Petrov show off, flexing their muscles with the free-weights. Logan gets distracted by the enormous bulge in Valentin’s singlet and goes over to investigate; could his cock really be that big? Logan licks and spits on Valentin’s dick before attempting to swallow the monster whole. When Valentin sees Logan’s thick, beefy cock he gets on all fours and opens his puckering hole. Logan steps up and plows the hungry bottom like a pile-driver then kicks back so Valentin can ride his cock until he shoots a big juicy load.

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