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Big muscle sex in SCORE! with John Magnum and Craig Reynolds

SCORE! GAME 2 (Scene 4)
Starring Craig Reynolds & John Magnum

John Magnum’s coaching technique involves a lot of verbal abuse, dick-stroking, and face-fucking – a combination that works well for Craig Reynolds. After a grueling workout John rewards Craig by shoving his thick cock down his throat. As soon as Craig’s dick is hard John goes down on him, but not for long. Coach John wants to plow Craig’s giant bubble-butt. He mounts the giant wrestler and power-fucks his hole then lies back and orders Craig to ride him. Craig grabs the gymnastic rings and bounces up and down on John’s cock until they both blow their loads.

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Hot House Backroom LIVE: Craig Reynolds vs. Cole Streets

Watch studs Craig Reynolds and Cole Streets go at it online Live tonight!

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Buff stud Craig Reynolds TOPS Mark talon

Starring Craig Reynolds & Mark Talon

Hot House Exclusive Craig Reynolds and Mark Talon have no time for small talk when they meet on the set of Backroom Live; the scene opens with Mark slurping on Craig’s rock-hard cock. When Mark jumps up on a bench and puts his big white ass up in the air Craig goes wild.

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Hot House Scene 3 Starring Craig Reynolds & Alexsander Freitas

Major Asshole (Scene 3) Starring Craig Reynolds & Alexsander Freitas

Like every good soldier, PFC Craig Reynolds knows how to give a good spit shine. When Alexsander Freitas finds the muscular hunk working on his boots he has something else he needs polished. The aggressive soldiers pound each other’s rock hard abs and bulging pecs before Freitas shoves his fat cock down Reynolds’ throat. Freitas barks orders as he rips Reynolds’ clothes off and throws him up against the wall where he fucks him like a jackhammer. Covered in bruises and spit they finally get their nut!

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Officer Craig Reynolds works his bodybuilder hole

LAWLESS (Scene 3)
Starring Craig Reynolds

Officer Craig Reynolds works the night shift at the local jail. When the rowdy inmates piss him off he shows them what he’ll do if they don’t shut the fuck up. The 225 lb. bodybuilder slowly strips out of his uniform revealing his chiseled muscles and fat, rock-hard cock. He produces an arsenal of dildos and butt toys which he tauntingly shoves up his hungry hole. The menacing cop pulls out his nightstick and sits on it, blowing his load all over his captive audience.
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