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Military Workout: Operator

operator_1 operator_2I don’t even know what most of the military jargon in this video means.
All I know is that beards, tatts, short shorts and gyms are hot!

Military threesome with Dixon, Gamble and Carson

There is something about military men that Active Duty finds… is it the tattoos? The haircuts? The nervousness of the guys? Or is just seeing guys having sex with no script, no plot, just getting hard sucking some cock and fucking some ass?

Here is a threesome with Dixon, Gamble and Carson.

Via Active Duty

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ActiveDuty Foursome with Jack, DJ, Ransom & Dorian

Jack is swallowing all of Dorian’s stiff dick and loving every second of it as he finally gets his chance at the muscle stud after all this time. Jack has been wanting this for a while and once he’s got it, he takes full advantage of the opportunity. Meanwhile DJ is focusing his full attention on Jack’s cock while Ransom takes on DJ’s hung cock and furthers his oral skills. Things switch up quick so pay close attention. Before you know it, Jack has moved down to give DJ some head while Ransom moves over and takes Jack’s place on Dorian’s hard-on.

Via Active Duty

Military stud Vinny pop Logan’s Cherry- Bareback

Active Duty’s chiseled hunk Vinny returned along with his buddy, Logan. Logan is a sexy Latino papi and he’s got the hots for Vinny

Via Active Duty

Tattooed muscle daddy from the Navy gets sucked

Petty Officer Christopher is our hairy and muscled up beefcake full of tats from the Navy. He’s watching a porn with Lifeguard Eric who’s eager to suck some dick.

Via All American Heroes