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Oliver and Ransom swap BJs

Oliver is “straight” and married and was originally just going to get serviced but this ended up being more interactive. He sucks on Ransom’s cock while he has some anal toys inside him to get him off.
When Ransom gets close to the edge, Olivier is there to make sure he gets some in his mouth. Sometimes even married guys have to give into certain urges

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ActiveDuty Foursome with Jack, DJ, Ransom & Dorian

Jack is swallowing all of Dorian’s stiff dick and loving every second of it as he finally gets his chance at the muscle stud after all this time. Jack has been wanting this for a while and once he’s got it, he takes full advantage of the opportunity. Meanwhile DJ is focusing his full attention on Jack’s cock while Ransom takes on DJ’s hung cock and furthers his oral skills. Things switch up quick so pay close attention. Before you know it, Jack has moved down to give DJ some head while Ransom moves over and takes Jack’s place on Dorian’s hard-on.

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Muscle Jock Ransom gets Heath’s raw dick inside him

Ransom as usual, was holding off on not busting the entire time, and by the time he was riding Heath’s cock, he just let it fly.

Heath instinctively scooped up all of Ransom jizz and fucks him with Ransom’s own cum.

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Nervous straight guy Brooklyn gets some head from Ransom

Brooklyn is the epitome of a nervous straight guy, clearly uncomfortable with having a dude suck his dick. The body language says it all.

Brooklyn was also one of those guys that claims he can’t cum from a blow job, so actually Ransom and I were thinking we were going to be in for a long haul.

But every time Ransom got Brooklyn hard, even semi-hard, he was saying he was about to bust.

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Gloryhole service with Beck and Ransom

Beck gets his meat serviced by Ransom and give Ransom a load in his face.

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