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Military Workout: Operator

operator_1 operator_2I don’t even know what most of the military jargon in this video means.
All I know is that beards, tatts, short shorts and gyms are hot!

What really goes on in the Olympic Village?

sochi_villageThe Onion gives a behind the scenes look at the great facilities available for the Olympians to have sex!


The best meme: Harlem Shake

harlemshakeForget about planking, breading, or Taylor Swifting.
Making a Harlem Shake video is the latest meme. And I have to say I fully support it. It’s quick only 30 seconds, but it gives an excuse for hot guys to shed their clothes and hump inanimate objects or they buddies. Several blogs have curated some of the hottest videos. Check out the lists on Towleroad and Queerty.
Seems overseas they are very liberal with their nudity. These are my favorites.

MuscleEddie: Yank The Belt!

muscleEddie_ropemuscleEddie_Rope_2Our favorite super hung bodybuilder, MuscleEddie, is truly amazing. His latest YouTube video has shows his “core” workout which involves yanking the a belt that looped around his huge cock and balls.  I wish there was a video with the camera lower, so I can see the full yank!
I swear I’ll hire him one day. Check out his ad on RentBoy.

Muscle Eddie’s Ass

Muscle Eddie is a Cock and Tail Time favorite. He’s been posting a few videos to his latest YouTube channel. But tends to take down his videos after a while, so enjoy it while you can. Check out his RentBoy profile and watch him live at