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MuscleEddie: Yank The Belt!

muscleEddie_ropemuscleEddie_Rope_2Our favorite super hung bodybuilder, MuscleEddie, is truly amazing. His latest YouTube video has shows his “core” workout which involves yanking the a belt that looped around his huge cock and balls.  I wish there was a video with the camera lower, so I can see the full yank!
I swear I’ll hire him one day. Check out his ad on RentBoy.

HunkMuscle23 plays with another bodybuilder

Was surfing through RentBoy and found this guy.
I love verbal bodybuilder with accents. And seeing him horse around with another bodybuilder makes me jealous.
And after looking at this guys YouTube page, I realize that I’ve seen him crush a watermelon before. Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears shows some skin.

I love the idea of promoting your upcoming album as en escort listing on Scissor Sisters‘ new album, Night Work, drops on June 28th. And I’m sure a lot of guys find Jake Shears hot, I wish they had made an escort ad for Babydaddy. Woof!
The first single from the album is great, Fire With Fire.

Menudo, a factory for hot gay latin men?

This is Angelo Garcia. He’s a former member of Menudo, so he was bandmates with recently out gay, Ricky Martin. Apparently he wasn’t really in, Boy Culture has the info, about and interview he did after recently posing nude in a gay magazine. Here’s a pic from that shoot. He looks so hot there, all big with the beard.
More pics at Latin Gossip.
Apparently, he’s on under then name Drako. And more pics of him here.
Looks like he took down his Rent Boy and Man Works ads, but you can see nude pics of him on Jock Butt and Paragon Men.
Some G rated pics from Paragon Men: