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Brett Farve: Jacked Papa Bear

brett_farve_1This is a recent photo of Brett Farve. He’s only 44, but looks like he joined the silver fox club like Anderson Cooper.
I wonder if his pubes went white too. Remember his dick pics of 2010?

Cheyenne Jackson Jerk Off Video



Broadway and TV star Cheyenne Jackson apparently sent his BF a nice JO video. I have to say he has a nice cock, and shoots a nice load.


Mario Lopez in Purple Briefs

Mario_Lopez_betMario Lopez “lost” a Super Bowl bet. So he had to streak through the Grove.
I think he really won. He got to show off his incredible body.
I love big quads on a guy.

(Kenneth in the (212))

David Beckham: Bulge-gate?

beckham_bulgeDaily Mail asks the hard hitting questions. Is David Beckham padding his bulge?

Jon Hamm’s cock and balls hangs to his right

Thanks to the eagle eyes at BUZZFEED for spotting the gift that keeps on giving, Jon Hamm’s huge bulge . We also thank Jon for not wearing any underwear.