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Brett Farve: Jacked Papa Bear

brett_farve_1This is a recent photo of Brett Farve. He’s only 44, but looks like he joined the silver fox club like Anderson Cooper.
I wonder if his pubes went white too. Remember his dick pics of 2010?

Michael Phelps: A-DORK-able!

phelps_pornStacheCan I just say how hot Michael Phelps is with a porn stache and hipster glasses. The backwards baseball cap just pushes it over the edge.
Check out more pictures at BuzzFeed.

David Beckham: Bulge-gate?

beckham_bulgeDaily Mail asks the hard hitting questions. Is David Beckham padding his bulge?

Getting Fisted or Diving?

Robert Förstemann: Germany’s Quadzilla

Who know that track cyclists could have such huge quads. This is Germany’s Robert Förstemann. They had a quadoff in the the german camp and the top picture got posted to Twitter. Catch him in the Team Sprint on Aug. 2.