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My Doctor Rocks: Liam Soto visits Dr. Billy Santoro


When professional athlete Liam Soto visits Dr. Billy Santoro complaining of a sore leg he notices that the doctor’s exam hand keeps moving up the leg of his shorts and getting closer to his huge cock. The thought of his doctor going down on him turns Liam on so much there’s no way Dr. Santoro can ignore his patient’s throbbing cock. In minutes Santoro has Soto’s dick in his mouth and all the pain in his leg magically disappears. In fact Soto doesn’t hesitate to jump off the exam table and shove his monster meat deep in his doctor’s ass. Dr. Santoro bends over and takes it like a man, hard and deep. Watching this unconventional treatment you can’t help but wonder who’s going to get the bill?

Via Hot House

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New Fetish: Water Balloons and Hot Guys

anigif_enhanced-buzz-25992-1357850204-6Simply mesmerizing. I think the next video should be slow motion cum shots.

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Happy Birthday Vin Marco!!!


Happy Birthday to the sexiest stud in the world. He’s only gets better with age.
Vote for him as Man of 2012 at Jimmy Z Productions



Robert Förstemann: Germany’s Quadzilla

Who know that track cyclists could have such huge quads. This is Germany’s Robert Förstemann. They had a quadoff in the the german camp and the top picture got posted to Twitter. Catch him in the Team Sprint on Aug. 2.

Ninja: Furry Abs in my Blu-Ray Player

Got this movie, Ninja, from Netflix this weekend. 
And all I can say is Scott Adkins is ripped and hot.
Check at more pics of him at Square Hippies.