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David Beckham: Bulge-gate?

beckham_bulgeDaily Mail asks the hard hitting questions. Is David Beckham padding his bulge?

Big Iranian Bulge

iranian-cockPosting this for Dino. He loves hairy forearms.

Youtube bodybuilder jock Rogan Richards shows off his bulge

Here is bodybuilder ripped jock hottie Rogan Richards doing a little cock tease and flexing on youtube.

Check out his you tube channel HERE and also check out his Facebook profile.

Via Youtube

Bodybuilder Daddy Bulge: Real or Fake?

I’d like to wish it was real, but it’s probably fake.


Guys with iPhones: The cock behind the bulge

I love guys that post more than one photo to Guys with iPhones. Espcially when it shows what they are packing behind an impressive bulge.