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Remember the Harlem Shake?


A year ago this was the craze and what was hotter than seeing college students, jocks, sports teams, and hot guys do goofy and very sexual things with the meme.

Found this on my hard drive and it brought back some memories and decided to make some GIFs highlighting the awesome things going on in the video.

First is this hot guy in a football helmet and jockstrap.
Then this beefy dude chilling behind the lamp.

Finally the center of it all… the bear threesome. That is one hot spit roast!

The best meme: Harlem Shake

harlemshakeForget about planking, breading, or Taylor Swifting.
Making a Harlem Shake video is the latest meme. And I have to say I fully support it. It’s quick only 30 seconds, but it gives an excuse for hot guys to shed their clothes and hump inanimate objects or they buddies. Several blogs have curated some of the hottest videos. Check out the lists on Towleroad and Queerty.
Seems overseas they are very liberal with their nudity. These are my favorites.