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Remember the Harlem Shake?


A year ago this was the craze and what was hotter than seeing college students, jocks, sports teams, and hot guys do goofy and very sexual things with the meme.

Found this on my hard drive and it brought back some memories and decided to make some GIFs highlighting the awesome things going on in the video.

First is this hot guy in a football helmet and jockstrap.
Then this beefy dude chilling behind the lamp.

Finally the center of it all… the bear threesome. That is one hot spit roast!

Straight Frat Jock gets manual release


Watch pledges clean balls to get accepted to the Fraternity

College jocks lick their frat brother’s balls clean on

Losing has it consequences

as teaches us if you ain’t good at beer pong, you’ll be sucking dick and taking it up the ass…… me thinks its good to be the loser.