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Big Beef Chaz Ryan Naked and Oiled Up


In Part 2, after a long day at the beach, Chaz Ryan wakes up from a nap. He peels off his union suit and begins to apply some baby oil to soothe his skin. His hard and thick muscles start to shine with the more oil he applies. He gives special attention to his cock and beefy butt. His muscles flex and tighten as he plays around with his dick. This big muscle man looks so pumped and ready for anything.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Muscle Eddie’s Ass

Muscle Eddie is a Cock and Tail Time favorite. He’s been posting a few videos to his latest YouTube channel. But tends to take down his videos after a while, so enjoy it while you can. Check out his RentBoy profile and watch him live at

Cutest Pumpkin I’ve Seen

Beefy Ass Photobombs!

Nothing like a nice beefy ass to bomb a photo.

Name that bodybuilder hole?

Name the bodybuilder this hot hole belongs to!

Via MuscleService Forums

Its Skye Woods!
who will be in NYC Oct5-11th