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Navy Corpsman Logan

Logan is a Navy Corpsman, trained to save lives on the battlefield. He explains why sailors are designated as medics for the Marines and why he wears a Navy uniform with a Marines insignia on it. He’s very proud of his work in the military and has saved numerous lives over the years. He calls himself “Devil Doc” a reference to his Marines affiliation and his medical training and experience

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Tattooed muscle daddy from the Navy gets sucked

Petty Officer Christopher is our hairy and muscled up beefcake full of tats from the Navy. He’s watching a porn with Lifeguard Eric who’s eager to suck some dick.

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Seamen sucking semen

Seamen Everywhere! Matthew and Jason are both from the Navy. Jason has never sucked a cock before and is literally gagging to try it. Matthew, on the other hand, is a bit of an expert on the topic. A skill he honed while sailing the world in the Navy. Both of these guys are slim and trim and toned and have nice big thick cocks

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