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Sexy Kyle King licks his cum after being pounded by Mark Talon

Starring Kyle King & Mark Talon

Kyle King and Mark Talon go head-to-head in a pushup contest that leads to some manly cock sucking. Kyle and Mark, both hot-headed dudes with major muscle to back it up, prove to be a pretty good match. They take turns sucking each other’s big cocks until Kyle flips Mark over and goes to town licking his ass. Kyle stands up and sticks it in Mark and fucks him good then sits down on Mark’s fat boner for a wild reverse-cowboy! Every hole is fucked and everyone’s a winner on The Dude Show!

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Trent Locke gets in a spit roast with Mark Talon and Phenix Saint

THE DUDE SHOW (Episode 5)
Starring Mark Talon, Phenix Saint, & Trent Locke

While tossing a football around the game room Mark Talon tells Phenix Saint that he wrestled and played football in high school. He says it’s because he has a lot of testosterone. Phenix knocks the football out of Mark’s hands and the two beefy hunks start to wrestle. Before you know it Phenix has his fat cock down Mark’s throat and orders housemate Trent Locke to come in and fuck Mark’s huge bubble-butt. Mark may have the testosterone but Phenix has the balls – he shouts orders and dominates the action – making sure both young hunks get their turn in the middle. Trent ends up on his knees covered in loads of cum!

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Grease monkey Mark Talon give Cameron Marshall some bodywork

Grease monkey Mark Talon gives more than blow jobs at Big Dick’s garage. He gives up his hot muscle butt to cute college boy Cameron Marshall who shows up 5 minutes before closing time only to find out his car needs a new transmission.

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Buff stud Craig Reynolds TOPS Mark talon

Starring Craig Reynolds & Mark Talon

Hot House Exclusive Craig Reynolds and Mark Talon have no time for small talk when they meet on the set of Backroom Live; the scene opens with Mark slurping on Craig’s rock-hard cock. When Mark jumps up on a bench and puts his big white ass up in the air Craig goes wild.

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