Mighty muscle of Hugh Sparta

Meet Hugh Sparta, this sexy man has such top quality muscle packed onto his short frame. I shot the video and these pictures for Jimmy Z Productions a few months ago a few days after Hugh had competed. He first came in some baggy gym clothes and you would not be able to tell all that muscle was hiding behind all that fabric.

Taking those clothes off he started flexing and talking to the camera and you know his body is built to be worshiped.  His muscles are hard and veiny and just waiting to be appreciated.  He changed into some posers and applied oil all over his body and continued hitting his poses.  After that I had him hop in the shower so we can see the water cascade down his ripped body.  Although he doesn’t show off every single muscle, we do see his nice ass.

Hugh is the kinda man that just doesn’t realize how sexy he is, which makes him even sexier.  He just works hard to make his body the best it can be and we all get to benefit from his time and dedication.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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