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TheGuySite total BEEF party continues…


From The Guy Site:

This one is quite a fantasy. What would a party with 5 guys, over 1,000 pounds of beef in all, with all of them buck naked the whole time be like? Well, everyone has a good time. There’s beer pong, twister, and, it finishes with a circle jerk and a nice shower to clean up.

his is the second half of the party. I didn’t want to interrupt the action to take stills so there aren’t a lot. I did supplement them with some screen caps of memorable moments from the video.





Big guns Nolan tops Aaron at every angle

Aaron liked Nolan, and seemed eager to suck on his thick cock right then and there. They fooled around in the tub, and then it was almost too romantic as they dried each other off and kissed with Nolan’s hard-on straight up in the air.

Via Sean Cody

Fit straight guy Aaron gets his hole and his pole serviced. again!

Aaron arrived horny as fuck and was ready to get started quickly. As soon as Lucas undid his pants Aaron pushed his mouth right on his cock, but he decided he would squat on Lucas’s face first. Lucas worshipped Aaron’s ass as it was lowered onto his face. Next Aaron moved down just a bit and aimed his hard cock towards Lucas’ mouth. Then the piston skull fucking started.

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Fit straight guy Aaron gets his hole and his pole serviced

Mark got laid off from his job and needed to make rent, so he asked us for a loan. We said we would not be happy help him out but he would haev to “work” for it. We told Aaron we had newbie cocksucker that needed to be broken in, without hesitation he offered his cock to be the first one sucked.

Via NewYorkStraightMen