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Kyle King & Bo Dean SCORE!

SCORE! Game 1 (Scene 1)
Starring Bo Dean & Kyle King

Kyle King and Bo Dean celebrate their team’s victory with some hot post-game action. King begins by exploring Dean’s chiseled physique with his tongue until he has his teammate’s giant cock in his mouth. Kyle’s expert deep-throat skills drive Bo into a frenzy; he rips off Kyle’s uniform and they maneuver into a 69. The game changes when King sits down on Dean’s huge dick then gets on all fours and orders Dean to go deep. Both men shoot and score!

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Hung muscled and tattooed Bo Dean strokes himself till he gushes

Bo Dean is often easily distracted. Such is the case when he decides to drain the main vain. While pissing, he becomes enamored with the sight of his own cock and begins to stroke it, flexing his muscles and rubbing himself all over in the process.

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Hot hung muscle sex with Bo Dean and John Magnum

John Magnum took advantage of his sleeping friend Bo Dean.

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Muscle hunks Bo Dean tops Devin Draz

Bo gets the action started by getting down on his knees to service Devin’s long piece of meat. By the way he swallows all that cock, it’s obvious Bo’s been paying attention all those times his big dick got slurped. Devin returns the favor–and then some–by exploring every part of Bo’s awesome body with his tongue and fingers. He literally has Bo squirming with his oral technique (no sign of a gag reflex here!). Our big-dicked duo kicks the hotness up another notch as Devin gets on his stomach and puts that muscle butt in perfect position for Bo to slide all 9 inches into his hole.

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Handyman Bo Dean services Tristan Phoenix’s hungry hole

Tristan Phoenix is angry! Bo Dean is outside fucking around with some wires causing Tristan’s internet to go out. Tristan is busy trying to get off so he storms outside to give Bo a piece of his mind. Seeing Bo’s sweaty body on that ladder, Tristan decides he’d rather have a piece of Bo’s dick instead.

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