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Pro Muscle in the Gym : Markus Ranger

This is what PRO muscle looks like. Meet Markus Ranger, I shot him for Jimmy Z Productions a day after he competed. This man packs some serious muscle and it is quite a sight to see. While he was working out pumping up his biceps I just couldn’t wait for him to lose his shirt and when he did I saw him in all his ripped and veiny beauty.

Great guy to work with and such a nice intense poser.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Bodybuilder Hugh Sparta teaser for JimmyZProductions


I drove over 2 hours to shoot video and photos of this built muscular stud, HUGH SPARTA. This shoot was for Jimmy Z Productions and the second time I got to work with the mighty muscle of Hugh Sparta. This shoot was a lot of fun and easy going since we have worked previously together. It took place was in a park and it seemed like we were the only ones there.

At one point Hugh was in his posers oiled up and lying on a towel on a picnic table. He definitely looked like he was ready to be on the menu. He came in incredible shape with his huge back and ripped glutes. He also loved to show off his vascularity.

Above is a teaser shot so stay tuned to Jimmy Z Productions for when this update is released.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

Bodybuilders’ Jam #32 Posing Finale


There is something special about having hot bodybuilders live on stage stripping and dancing for a crowd and this stage was full of muscle. I was operating the video camera stage right so I get a pretty close view of all the hot muscle on stage. This posing finale features Vin Marco, Franco Lombard, Gannicus, and Blake Munroe. Otto Mann and Jack’d Muscle also make an appearance on stage.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Hot tattooed bodybuilder Kobe oils up


Kobe is a hot bodybuilder full of muscles and tattoos. I’ve worked previously with him before and seeing him this time even bigger and harder. He starts off wearing the tightest pants and a white t-shirt that just hugs his bulging muscles. Stripping off his shirt he oils up and I even give him a hand in oiling up his back. We get to see his hot muscles in action as he does his mandatory bodybuilding poses.

This scene was an extra treat as we see Kobe’s cock rock hard as he poses and he strokes his cock till he pumps out some nice thick cum.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Karl Kasper gives his muscles to his client


In Part 1, a client goes to Karl Kasper’s hotel room for some private muscle worship. This muscle god had just competed in a bodybuilding contest so his muscles are rock hard and shredded. Karl takes the client on a tour of his sexy veiny body, flexing each muscle just for the client’s pleasure. Every inch of Karl’s body is explored by the client’s hands as he rubs oil all over those powerful muscles.
Via Jimmy Z Productions
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