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Hot tattooed bodybuilder Kobe oils up


Kobe is a hot bodybuilder full of muscles and tattoos. I’ve worked previously with him before and seeing him this time even bigger and harder. He starts off wearing the tightest pants and a white t-shirt that just hugs his bulging muscles. Stripping off his shirt he oils up and I even give him a hand in oiling up his back. We get to see his hot muscles in action as he does his mandatory bodybuilding poses.

This scene was an extra treat as we see Kobe’s cock rock hard as he poses and he strokes his cock till he pumps out some nice thick cum.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Sexy model Ryan Monroe is picture perfect

In Part 1, Ryan Monroe talks about his picture perfect physique while doing a photo shoot. Moving from bodybuilding to physique competition, Ryan’s sexy muscles don’t miss a beat. Tight and ready to step on stage, he flexes and oils up his beautiful skin as he models in different underwear.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Pierce perfecty tanned and oiled up bodybuilder

In Part 1, sexy Pierce is ready to show off all his hard work. Peeling his Jimmy Z Shirt off we see he is in competition shape and perfectly tanned. He starts flexing his hard muscles and applies plenty of oil over ever inch of his body. Those tight white briefs can barely contain his excitement.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Big Wheels Eddie shows off his muscles and tattoos

In Palm Springs, Big Wheels Eddie checks to make sure the pool pump is working correctly. He does his job well and has some time to kill so why not enjoy the pool. He admires his own body, a combination of bodybuilder muscles covered with tattoos. Watch this guy flex in the sun and show off all the veins all over his body

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Tattooed bodybuilder Blade Wilde flexes and poses

Blade Wilde strips out of his closes to show off and flex his tattoed muscles in his underwear.

Via Jimmy Z Productions