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Bodybuilder Pierce and his mushroom cock

In Part 2, Pierce continues to show off his perfectly tanned and muscled body. He changes from white to pink briefs and continues to flex his pumped up muscles. The camera loves his oiled up skin as it captures his vascular hard muscles. When he loses the underwear we get to see his beautiful ass and mushroom cock.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Pierce perfecty tanned and oiled up bodybuilder

In Part 1, sexy Pierce is ready to show off all his hard work. Peeling his Jimmy Z Shirt off we see he is in competition shape and perfectly tanned. He starts flexing his hard muscles and applies plenty of oil over ever inch of his body. Those tight white briefs can barely contain his excitement.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Muscle jock Pierce takes Marshall’s raw cock

Pierce is a hot tanned muscle jock who’s ass seems to get used and used more on Sean Cody. Its Marshall’s turn at that ass and he’s equipped with a nice thick dick that Pierce seem to enjoy every inch of.

Via Sean Cody

Muscle jock Pierce flexes and strokes on ManAvenue

Muscled up Pierce strips flexes and strokes.

Via ManAvenue