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Cute Blonde Jock Max Michaels


Max Michaels started out as your typical jock. He played sports, he fucked girls. He was your typical hot all american boy. But then he got a taste of dick. Once Max Michaels fucked his first dude, he realized that he was bisexual and could not get enough of the cock. And what better place to explore his newfound obsession than by making some hot gay porn.

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Dean Coxx squirts one out by the pool

Dean Coxx has a new update at the pool side. He takes a nice dip in the pool and his hot body enjoys some sun and water. He also enjoys his cock as he strokes one out by the pool.

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Mike Buffalari: Brooklyn Muscle Stud

Mike Buffalari: Brooklyn Muscle Stud
If you’re looking for the total package, look no further than Mike Buffalari.  He’s that friendly tough guy, a real muscle bro that you can’t help but admire.