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Hairy muscle sex with John Magnum and Morgan Black

The way John Magnum and Morgan Black take their time going back and forth to suck each other’s big and thick dicks and lick each other’s bodies is a major turn-on. After Morgan gets things started by blowing his buddy, John flips over to reveal one of the most perfectly-sculpted asses you’ll ever see, which Morgan quickly dives into with his tongue. It turns out the craving for giving head goes both ways!

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CockSureMen: 6 Man Orgy Continues

You are cordially invited to the second part of the hottest engagement party of all time! When we last saw these six exclusive Cocksure men (Brady Jensen, Kevin Crows, Morgan Black, Mitch Vaughn, Robert Axel, and Guy Jones) they had ditched their suits and ties for some “last chance” sexual encounters that included lots of deep-throated cock-sucking and non-stop fucking.

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Hot hairy threesome with Heath Jordan, Conner Habib, and Morgan Black

Three is definitely not a crowd, especially when the hot and hairy studs we’re talking about are Cocksure Men Exclusive Morgan Black, Heath Jordan and Conner Habbib. Conner’s the compact hunk who starts out in the middle, a position that turns out to be ideal, enabling him to receive oral action from Heath while Morgan provides lots of French-kissing and nipple play. When all three hunks have stripped down, Conner gets the pleasure of experiencing two tongues simultaneously: one on his dick, the other licking his hole.

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The Infinite Human Centipede with Heath Jordan, Conner Habib, and Morgan Black

Okay was putting the pics for this weeks up date of Cocksuremen and saw this picture and had to post it on its own… Its the infinite Human Centipede made from studs Morgan Black, Heath Jordan, and Conner Habib.

Full post will be up shortly….

Suit sex orgy with Cocksuremen including Morgan Black and Mitch Vaughn

It’s a Cocksucking Spectacular as all six Cocksure Men exclusive guys get together to celebrate the engagement of Kevin Crows and Brady Jensen. What stars as some congratulations turns into a series of “last chance” blowjos and before long, the shirttails and ties come off as our sextet show just how much fun a bunch of buddies can have when the pants hit the floor. Kevin pulls Mitch Vaughn and Robert Axel into the bedroom for some hardcore fucking fun while Brady (not even taking the cock out of his mouth to say “bye”) keeps Morgan Black and Guy Jones with him so he can top them both. Culminating in a cumshot spectacular, part one ends with a BIG bang. We can’t wait to see what happens in part two

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