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Patrick Rouge gets a throatful from Cody Cummings

Patrick jumps in to help him by slurping on that meat pole!

Via Cody Cummings

Office sex with Brandon Bangs and Patrick Rouge

Starring Brandon Bangs & Patrick Rouge

Brandon Bangs reports to Head Hunters looking for work. While he’s filling out an application recruiter Patrick Rouge has a few questions of his own; is Bangs willing to go the extra mile to get the right job? He says yes so Patrick gets on his knees to check Brandon’s qualifications – with his hot mouth. His expert cock sucking arouses Bangs who wastes no time plowing Rouge deep in his ass. Patrick flips over on his desk and jerks off while Brandon fucks him until they both cum. Bangs nailed the interview – and the interviewer.

Via Hot House

Hole Busters : Muscular Patrick Rouge has some self assplay

Starring Patrick Rouge

Patrick Rouge can’t get enough hole-busting assplay! The muscular young hunk rides a giant dildo like a cowboy at the rodeo – bouncing up and down on the butt toy then rolling over on his back and shoving all 12 inches of it deep in his hole. All of that is merely foreplay for Patrick, who selects another ass weapon from the Club Inferno arsenal; this time an enormous black butt plug. He mounts the monster and jacks off, draining his nuts all over the dungeon floor.

Via Hot House

Cody Cummings gets tied and bound and worked over by Patrick Rouge Donny Wright

When Cody Cummings is captured by two goggle-eyed maniacs, Patrick Rouge and Donny Wright, he finds himself shackled in a remote dungeon, miles below the earth’s surface. No one can hear him cry out for help as these lunatics have their way with him.

Via Cody Cummings

Trystan Bull in chains gets some Sweet Torture from Patrick Rouge

Once Trystan is captured, Rouge prods him for secrets, grabbing Trystan’s dick tight, fattening it up, then sucking it hard. Just as Rouge realizes the chains weren’t fastened properly, Trystan busts loose! Now he’s making the twisted Dr. Rouge his bitch.

Via Trystan Bull