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Raymond (Robbie Butler) & Jarek: Bareback

On Sean Cody, he’s known as Raymond, and in this scene he let his body hair grow out and open up his hot muscle butt to Jarek. Jarek is a lean hairy top that fucks Raymond’s hole raw.

Raymond was known as Robbie Butler on Jimmy Z Productions, where he sported a more bodybuilder type body complete with the shaved down chest and legs.

Check out more of Raymond / Robbie Below!

Via Sean Cody , Jimmy Z Productions

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Jersey Shore Ronnie’s porn doppleganger: Sean Cody’s Brodie

Brodie from Sean Cody kinda looks like Ronnie
Maybe if Ronnie didn’t juice so much. And now Ronnie is tatted up.
At least both their names end in “ie”.

Muscle top Brodie lets Chris bounce up and down on his dick

You could see the full impact of Brodie’s dick as Chris bounced up and down on it!

Via Sean Cody

Ripped jocks Calvin and Ethan have some flip flop sex

Once the roles were reversed and Calvin started riding Ethan’s dick, all bets were off. It was as if Calvin wanted to take all of Ethan in. He grabbed onto him and pushed back as hard as he could. Every muscle in Ethan’s body flexed with every deep stoke he pounded into Calvin’s ass. There is no doubt that having that much dick inside him, gave him one of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever!

Via Sean Cody

Ripped beach stud Ethan has a horse hung surprise in his shorts

Ethan from the beach shows off his hard hung tool.

Via Sean Cody