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The Rock and his tongue are ready for Wrestlemania


Gotta love the Rock talking smack against John Cena. And I can just imagine his tongue on my hole.

Photo of couple having sex on Atlantis cruise balcony

I really do love ex-cop daddy tops. But still I would not have sex on a balcony while docked. (I’ve done it while at sea.) Don’t think if it was a man and a woman that this would have been a big deal.

Part 2: Muscles in the classroom with Angelo and Max

Max Chevalier and Angelo Antonio continue their muscle-worshiping, and in Part Two, they not only enjoy each others’ bodies, they get into a long, enjoyable suckfest.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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MMA’s Hottest Fighter–URIJAH FABER

Fans have had the pleasure of watching this hunky surfer dude morph into the world class athlete he has become.

This wildly photogenic stud strikes an intimidating pose as he prepares to win title after title.

Urijah’s personality outside the arena is sweet and sensitive. He graduated from college and remains loyal to his family and inner circle of friends.

Recently this golden-haired stud cut his locks to show support for his teenage sister who needed brain surgery as the result of a car accident.

Talk about a “feel good” story for the Holiday Season. I know it makes me feel good every time I look at this stud!

Tim Tebow–football’s sexy savior showing some skin

The quarterback’s finely tuned upper body (aka) his money-maker!

The shot seen around the (football) world.