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Office sex with Spencer Reed and AJ Irons

Starring AJ Irons & Spencer Reed

Supervisor Spencer Reed calls AJ Irons into his office to give him a warning: if he doesn’t step it up and show him what he’s got, he’s going to be fired. Irons takes his boss’s warning literally and opens his dress pants to show his boss his fat Latin cock. Reed takes AJ’s huge dick in his mouth before kicking back to get his thick tool serviced. Spencer, a hulking mound of muscle, overpowers AJ and throws him down on the desk to fuck him hard. The after-hours butt-fucking continues until Reed pulls out and sprays Irons with cum.

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Hung Trevor Knight blows his load on Cavin Knight

Starring Cavin Knight & Trevor Knight

Trevor Knight orders his scene partners around; he’s an aggressive top with plenty of cock to back it up. When he sees Cavin Knight’s huge bubble-butt he knows he’s going to fuck him. Trevor pushes Cavin down on the bed and immediately feeds him his 9-incher then flips him over and preps his hole for a hard pounding. He shoves his cock in Cavin’s ass and fucks him mercilessly until he pulls out and blows a thick juicy load.

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Hole Busters : Muscular Patrick Rouge has some self assplay

Starring Patrick Rouge

Patrick Rouge can’t get enough hole-busting assplay! The muscular young hunk rides a giant dildo like a cowboy at the rodeo – bouncing up and down on the butt toy then rolling over on his back and shoving all 12 inches of it deep in his hole. All of that is merely foreplay for Patrick, who selects another ass weapon from the Club Inferno arsenal; this time an enormous black butt plug. He mounts the monster and jacks off, draining his nuts all over the dungeon floor.

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Samuel O’Toole gives Rod Daily a huge mouthful

Starring Rod Daily & Samuel O’Toole

Samuel O’Toole needs a raise but his asshole boss Rod Daily won’t give him more money until he confirms an office rumor; he’s heard that O’Toole has a huge cock and he wants to see it. The stud proudly pulls out his huge tool and Daily immediately takes it in his mouth before he strips out of his suit to reveal bulging muscles and a round bubble-butt. Daily orders his employee to fuck him and O’Toole obliges by plowing a load out of his cock-hungry boss. O’Toole gets his nut – and his raise. Now that’s a money shot!

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Sexy Kyle King licks his cum after being pounded by Mark Talon

Starring Kyle King & Mark Talon

Kyle King and Mark Talon go head-to-head in a pushup contest that leads to some manly cock sucking. Kyle and Mark, both hot-headed dudes with major muscle to back it up, prove to be a pretty good match. They take turns sucking each other’s big cocks until Kyle flips Mark over and goes to town licking his ass. Kyle stands up and sticks it in Mark and fucks him good then sits down on Mark’s fat boner for a wild reverse-cowboy! Every hole is fucked and everyone’s a winner on The Dude Show!

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