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Lance Corporal Ryder gives Lifeguard mark a hot facial

Lance Corporal Ryder is back and this time Lifeguard Mark is with him to lend him a helping hand (and a lapping mouth). Ryder is more than 100% straight and has no desire to be with men whatsoever. The lifeguard, however, seems like he may have choked on a dick or two in his day. These two pop in a straight porn and quickly get to business. They make comments about the women in the video from the nipples and tits down to the ass and pussy. It must be one hell of a video because they’re both hard as rocks in no time!

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Double Military Facial with Airman James & Petty Officer Clayton

James is the first to put his arm around Clayton, but the Petty Officer is the first to reach for the Airman’s dick. Clayton rubs James’ cock through his pants and keeps rubbing until it’s nice and hard and ripe enough to eat. Clayton pulls off James’ shirt and starts licking his nipples and chest before he moves up to kiss James, starting an intense make-out session. With his tongue down James’ throat, Clayton unbuckles the Airman’s pants and goes down on James taking his thick full cock in and out of his mouth. Clayton goes straight from sucking dick to kissing again, giving James a taste of his own cock.

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Nick and Roman have some hot military oral action

Petty Officer Nick and Private First Class Roman are both hunky, muscled up, and horny as hell. Even though Roman is in the Army and Nick is in the Navy, they find common ground discussing what they like to do with women. They’re both straight, but both admit to having a go around with a guy every now and then. Roman likes giving head to men more than going down on women and Nick has never tried going down on a guy.

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Buff Petty Officer Clayton gets pounded by Muscular Fabian

Lance Corporal K.C. strips his uniform and strokes