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30 Loads of Facials all over Francesco and Damien’s faces

30 Loads of Facials – The Sequel : Episode 1
The world’s nastiest series is back!!! Stag Homme returns with another 30 anonymous straight men to shoot their fat loads all over Francesco and Damien’s faces!!

Via Stag Homme

Lance Corporal Ryder gives Lifeguard mark a hot facial

Lance Corporal Ryder is back and this time Lifeguard Mark is with him to lend him a helping hand (and a lapping mouth). Ryder is more than 100% straight and has no desire to be with men whatsoever. The lifeguard, however, seems like he may have choked on a dick or two in his day. These two pop in a straight porn and quickly get to business. They make comments about the women in the video from the nipples and tits down to the ass and pussy. It must be one hell of a video because they’re both hard as rocks in no time!

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Ripped Trey takes on a 7 load facial on DirtyTony

I am a sucker for a hot six pack and thick accent. Trey is a sucker for lots of cum in his mouth. He started out as a fan of the site and practically begged me to release some of my studs on him. I told him I could round up a decent lot to paint his face. This made the limey sex pig happier than a pig in… well very, very happy. This hot piece of ass from across the pond was salivating the moment he walked in the door and saw my harem of hairy boys. He must have been starved because he dives in throat first and starts pulling cocks out of shorts like they were going out of style. He is lippy, cocky, and will be tasting dick for days after these horny studs get done using his mouth. Even my new favorite Diego joined in the fun, and did really, really well for a straight guy getting his dick sucked with 7 other guys around.

Via Dirty Tony

Muscular hunk Roman pounds Glen and gives him a facial

Glen comes back around to meet Roman, a muscular hunk who knows what he wants and just how to fuck a nice tight hole the right way. Glen isn’t nervous at all, he seems ready and more than willing to sleep with the second guy ever in his life.

Via Dirty Tony

Muscle stud Devin Draz tops ripped Luke

I love Devin Draz, one of my faves as a bottom but wow when he tops he tops…. Luke is very lucky to get a facial from this hot stud.

Big, hot, muscle-bound guys fucking. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Devin is so good at being a top, talking dirty, and manhandling his fuck buddies. I love to watch him fuck. Luke is a broad chested college co-ed, who is new to the business, but very experienced in the fucking department.

Via Dirty Tony