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Conner Chesney Fucks Clayton Archer

Conner Chesney is a tall southern stud who offers to give sexy Clayton Archer a massage for his sore muscles. But Clayton needs more than just his muscles worked on and Conner sucks his cock and Clay returns the favor. Soon its Claytons ass that needs attention and Conner’s cock is what its craving most.

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Furry Muscle Brock Landon gets drilled by Anthony Rex

The beard, hairy chest, the muscles, and the fine ass make Brock Landon one sexy guy…. having a hard cock shoved in his ass makes him hotter. Also seeing Anthony Rex drop his load on Brock’s beard is a nice treat.

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Derrick Hanson pounds hairy bottom Seth Fisher

Buff tattooed muscle guy Derrick Hanson has a bag of tricks with him to use on slim and hairy Seth Fisher. But the best trick is in Derrick’s pants which Seth rides like a pro.

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George Glass gets cum from 4 guys stuck in his beard

Bearded stud George Glass gets on his knees to service 4 men including the hot Clayton Archer. George sucks the cocks of Japhy Ryder, Marco and Mick until each guy cums and this gets George so hot and bothered he blows his own load all over his abs.

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Hairy sex with Sean Stavos topping Alex Andrews

Sexy hairy Sean Stavos gets his dick inside Alex Andrews

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