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Jeremy Tyler hails his interview with Sean Stavos

Pornstar: Jeremy Tyler , Sean Stavos in Men Hard at Work

Jeremy comes to Sean’s office to interview for a new position. Sean notices that Jeremy has a lot of experience in many different fields. “What are your special talents,” asks Sean. “Well instead of me telling you, let me show you,” Jeremy responds.

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Hairy sex with Sean Stavos topping Alex Andrews

Sexy hairy Sean Stavos gets his dick inside Alex Andrews

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Hairy hunk Sean Stavos gets inside Philip Aubrey

Philip Aubrey, the blonde hairless hottie returns to have the smooth topography of his body thoroughly explored by hairy strapping conquistador, Sean Stavos.

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Devin Draz pounds hairy muscle stud Sean Stavos

Pornstar: Devin , Sean Stavos in I’m a Married Man

Devin is putting the finishing touches on his “mancave”. Sean, the cable guy, comes by to install the last set of cables but notices the line was getting any action. “Well that makes two of us” says Devin. Surprised, Sean offers to help out

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