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Office sex with Ari Sylvio and Mike Martinez

Pornstar: Ari Sylvio , Mike Martinez in Men Hard at Work

Ari has to work late and figures he has time for a quick jerk off since everyone is gone. While his dick is in his hand his coworker, Mike, walks in looking for a file. Not expecting to see Ari’s cock in hand Mike offers to help with his load.

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Mike Martinez helps soothe Ethan Hunter’s sunburn with his hard dick

Pornstar: Ethan Hunter , Mike Martinez in I’m a Married Man

Ethan just got back from the beach with a bad sunburn. He calls a friend to see if he can get some lotion to soothe the burn. Mike stops by and offers to rub the lotion on Ethan’s shoulders and continues to get lower on Ethan’s body. Ethan freaks out since Mike is married. “Well I’ve never been with a guy and I’m interested. Besides I’m the one with the ring so if it doesn’t bother me then it shouldn’t bother you,” says Mike.

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Hairy sex with Dodger Wolf and Preston Steel

Pornstar: Dodger Wolf , Preston Steel in I’m a Married Man

Preston received a phone call from Dodger’s wife asking him to check on Dodger. Apparently Dodger has been working a lot lately and his wife wants to be sure he’s okay and not getting into trouble. “Well I’m here,” says Dodger “lots of work to do”. Preston knows that all work and no play makes Dodger a dull boy so he offers to give him something fun.

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Hung Trevor Knight gives it to Braxton Bond

Pornstar: Braxton Bond , Trevor Knight in My Brother’s Hot Friend

Braxton is trying to plan a surprise party for Trevor’s brother. All Braxton needs is for Trevor to distract his brother while they get the party together. Trevor says he can do that. Then Braxton confesses to Trevor that he’s always had a crush on him. Well I’m straight says Trevor but it couldn’t hurt, why not…

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Jeremy Tyler hails his interview with Sean Stavos

Pornstar: Jeremy Tyler , Sean Stavos in Men Hard at Work

Jeremy comes to Sean’s office to interview for a new position. Sean notices that Jeremy has a lot of experience in many different fields. “What are your special talents,” asks Sean. “Well instead of me telling you, let me show you,” Jeremy responds.

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