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Office sex with Ari Sylvio and Mike Martinez

Pornstar: Ari Sylvio , Mike Martinez in Men Hard at Work

Ari has to work late and figures he has time for a quick jerk off since everyone is gone. While his dick is in his hand his coworker, Mike, walks in looking for a file. Not expecting to see Ari’s cock in hand Mike offers to help with his load.

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Mike Martinez helps soothe Ethan Hunter’s sunburn with his hard dick

Pornstar: Ethan Hunter , Mike Martinez in I’m a Married Man

Ethan just got back from the beach with a bad sunburn. He calls a friend to see if he can get some lotion to soothe the burn. Mike stops by and offers to rub the lotion on Ethan’s shoulders and continues to get lower on Ethan’s body. Ethan freaks out since Mike is married. “Well I’ve never been with a guy and I’m interested. Besides I’m the one with the ring so if it doesn’t bother me then it shouldn’t bother you,” says Mike.

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Bald stud Adam Russo gets some Mike Martinez cock inside him

Pornstar: Adam Russo , Mike Martinez in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks
Adam is getting a private karate lesson from Mike. When Adam goes to throw a punch, Mike catches his arm and tosses Adam over his shoulder. Adam hits the ground pretty hard and feels like he pulled a muscle. Taking a break Mike offers to massage Adams thigh to get the knot out, little does he know Adam is wanting more than just his leg rubbed out.

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