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Sexy daddy Adam Russo trains Kieron Ryan

Bald sexy daddy Adam Russo wakes up from his nap re-energized and ready to use Kieron Ryan’s mouth and ass. Adam takes charge and facefucks Kieron making him gag on his cock. All this cocksucking must make Kieron’s hole hunger cuz its eager to be finger and probed by Adam’s tongue. Finally Adam fucks that ass and shows Kieron what he really wants.

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Bald stud Adam Russo gets some Mike Martinez cock inside him

Pornstar: Adam Russo , Mike Martinez in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks
Adam is getting a private karate lesson from Mike. When Adam goes to throw a punch, Mike catches his arm and tosses Adam over his shoulder. Adam hits the ground pretty hard and feels like he pulled a muscle. Taking a break Mike offers to massage Adams thigh to get the knot out, little does he know Adam is wanting more than just his leg rubbed out.

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Adam Russo gets a fulfilling massage by Lex Sabre

Pornstar: Adam Russo , Lex Sabre in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Adam had a hard workout and needs a good rub down. Good thing his gym provides an on-site masseuse. So Adam gets naked and Lex starts massaging. To show his appreciation, Adam puts his hands on Lex and slips his shorts down…

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Yoga turns hot and sexy with Adam Russo and Park Wiley

Pornstar: Adam Russo , Park Wiley in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Adam and Park are working on their yoga stretches and Park notices Adam needs a little help. Park instructs Adam how to properly bend in that particular position. Being so close together Park can’t help keeping his hands off Adam.

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Hung CJ Madison ties up in bondage and uses Adam Russo

After some good old masturbation to a bondage novel, Adam Russo dozes off and ends up in a dark dungeon. Adam realizes that he’s tied up and rock hard. He can see a giant master stroking his monster cock in the distance. CJ Madison walks slowly toward the whimpering boy. He waves his massive cock near the boy’s mouth and hears the boy begging to worship his cock. With total domination, CJ got Adam in complete control. CJ beats the boy for his pleasure and tosses him on the bed for a hard bondage fuck.

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