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Muscle men Samuel Colt and Tauro share a smoke

Muscle bound studs, Samuel Colt and Tauro are dressed up in leather and sharing a smoke between cigarettes and cigars.
Tauro has been adding some sexy beef to his frame and both studs are sporting some nice hair on their torsos.

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Leather Daddy sex with Chad Brock and Clay Towers

Leather Daddy Chad Brock is ready to play and fuck his boyfriend Clay Towers. Clay gets in to his leather gear and is ready to suck his daddy and have his Chad’s cock inside him

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Muscle in Leather : John Magnum and Casey Williams

Thick hung and muscular John Magnum gets his leather sex on as he gets fucked by sexy bearded Casey Williams

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Sexy stud Spencer Reed tops his boyfriend Philip Aubrey in COLT’s Muscles in Leather

Scene 1 – Spencer Reed tops Phillip Aubrey

In a dark dungeon play room, two half naked leather clad studs Spenser Reed and Phillip Aubrey share a cigar. Back and forth they exchange the sweet smoke, the intense eye contact and hot open mouthed contact. Phillip takes a knee before muscle stud Spencer, lapping it up and breathing in the sweet musk of Spencer’s bugling leather jock. Ready to bust out, Spencer strips off his jock and lets it all hang out, giving Phillip something to truly worship; his thick swollen cock.

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COLT does Muscles In Leather

Looks like COLT Studio Group will have something good coming in May. Here is a promo pic for Muscles In Leather. Just in time for IML next month.

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