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Leather Daddy sex with Chad Brock and Clay Towers

Leather Daddy Chad Brock is ready to play and fuck his boyfriend Clay Towers. Clay gets in to his leather gear and is ready to suck his daddy and have his Chad’s cock inside him

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Chad Brock & Rex Roddick play with sex toys behind bars

LAWLESS (Scene 4)
Starring Chad Brock & Rex Roddick

Being an inmate without a cellmate can be lonely but Chad Brock has a 14-inch black dildo hidden in his pillowcase to provide some escape from the tedium. He lies on his side and begins to work his big muscle butt with the corkscrew-shaped fuck toy but gets interrupted when the guards throw Rex Roddick into his cell. Roddick fucks the hairy stud with some giant toys before finally bending over himself to take a good portion of a 3-foot double-header up his smooth blond butt.

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Prison Sex: Jackson Lawless & Chad Brock heat up their cell

Club Inferno
Directed by Steven Scarborough
Scene 2 with Jackson Lawless & Chad Brock
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