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Adam Russo gets a fulfilling massage by Lex Sabre

Pornstar: Adam Russo , Lex Sabre in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Adam had a hard workout and needs a good rub down. Good thing his gym provides an on-site masseuse. So Adam gets naked and Lex starts massaging. To show his appreciation, Adam puts his hands on Lex and slips his shorts down…

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Hairy daddy Dodger Wolf takes a break with Lex Sabre

Pornstar: Dodger Wolf , Lex Sabre in Men Hard at Work

Moving guys, Dodger and Lex, are almost done with their day. With a bed being the last piece of furniture to move Dodger takes a break. He tells Lex that the house was purchased by a couple of gay guys which he thinks it hot. Lex responds by saying he’s never been with another guy so Dodger offers to be his first.

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