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Bald beefy bodybuilder Jack Union showers and shaves


Jack Union is in town from England to have a night out with the boys. After a quick nap in his snug jockstrap, this big beefy stud is ready to get cleaned up in the shower. Next he shaves down his torso so his muscles are nice and smooth. Then its time to get dressed in the tightest clothes possible to get the attention of all the hot guys. Feeling randy after his night out, Jack strips out of his clothes and enjoys his own muscles and his thick uncut cock.

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Beefy hairy daddy Ray Stone has huge surprise between his legs

Good things come in hairy beefy packages. Here is daddy Ray Stone with his ultra thick cock.

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Bald stud Adam Russo gets some Mike Martinez cock inside him

Pornstar: Adam Russo , Mike Martinez in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks
Adam is getting a private karate lesson from Mike. When Adam goes to throw a punch, Mike catches his arm and tosses Adam over his shoulder. Adam hits the ground pretty hard and feels like he pulled a muscle. Taking a break Mike offers to massage Adams thigh to get the knot out, little does he know Adam is wanting more than just his leg rubbed out.

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Adam Russo gets a fulfilling massage by Lex Sabre

Pornstar: Adam Russo , Lex Sabre in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Adam had a hard workout and needs a good rub down. Good thing his gym provides an on-site masseuse. So Adam gets naked and Lex starts massaging. To show his appreciation, Adam puts his hands on Lex and slips his shorts down…

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Masked muscular Jason loses it all in strip poker

Smooth muscular Jason loses his clothes and more in a game of strip poker. Loser strips and jerks off for the other.

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