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Rugged sexy and shredded Cruz Brando

This is the second time that I have shot Cruz Brando for Jimmy Z Productions and he just keeps on getting better. This time we caught him a day after he competed at a major bodybuilding competition. His body is perfect condition, tanned smooth and ripped and veiny. His muscles are shredded and they look great when he oils up. Cruz is also sporting some very sexy facial hair that give him a rugged look to go along with his tattoos. And he still has his big hard uncut cock that can barely be contained in some of the underwear he tries on.

Via Jimmy Z Productions







Sweaty hairy jock Alexandru


I met up with Alexandru in Italy last summer to shoot him for Jimmy Z Productions. I had skyped with him before my trip to make sure he was in shape and looked like his pics and he definitely did. Alexandru is a very sexy man with big muscles and a very masculine energy. He is very proud of his body and loves to show it off. Even though he was beefier than usual he still had his amazing abs and a fine coat of fur over his torso and legs. In this shoot he works out hard with some free weights and then with TRX using his powerful muscles. He then gives us some private posing in a thong.

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Hot Scruffy Jock JP Strips on Stage


We get a special look as hot dancer JP gives us a special performance at Stock Bar. He first pumps up his muscles backstage making sure his biceps are bulging. On stage he shows us his moves and begins to strip. Before getting naked he fluffs himself in private by watching some porn on his phone. His hard cock is now pushing against his sexy red briefs as the second part of his show continues. JP knows how to work the pole with his naked body and cute smile. Finally JP puts on steamy shower show giving us a great look at that beefy ass.

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Tim fucks MuscleDaddy Matt Stevens


“Younger man with huge cock fucks muscledaddy. One of my (Grobes) favourite themes.
We saw Matt in Florida and man, this guy really has a perfect body! Thick muscles, greast chest, big arms, hot ass. Tim likes that a lot, me too, so we all enjoyed that afternoon in Miami when Matt got fucked on the bed, at the window and in the bathroom.”

Via Tim Tales

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Hot Foursome: Strangers in Prague 2 – Scene 4

Strangers in Prague 2 – Scene 4: Jalil Jafar, Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Jan Faust

The streets of Prague continue to prove to be the hottest place in the world to meet the world’s hottest men. Wagner and Diego head out for the day when they run into Jalil and agree to hook up. On their way to Jalil’s they encounter a hot, muscular stud, Jan. Jan invites the guys up for an absolutely amazing afternoon. Wagner and Jan pair up and strip each other as Diego and Jalil follow suit. Huge, hard cocks are set free as hungry mouths begin to water and tongues dart in and out of the others mouths, the juices are flowing. Diego works to take the full length of Jalil’s huge cock in his mouth and throat as Wagner does his best to swallow Jan’s huge cock. Jalil slaps Diego’s cock to attention as he fucks Diego’s throat. The guys switch it up and Jalil begins sucking away at Diego’s cock while Wagner fucks Jan’s face with his cock of girth. After some hot cock sucking every cock is welled lubed and Jalil opens his hairy hole up for Jan to go skin on skin in his ass. With Jan’s huge cock plowing his ass, Jalil is busy sucking on Wagner and Diego’s huge cocks. Jalil flips Jan and goes raw on his ass while both men are sucking on Wagner and Diego’s throbbing cocks. The guys switch up again and Diego squats down raw on Wagner’s fat cock as Jalil feeds his cock to Wagner and Jan feeds his hard cock to Diego. Riding Wagner’s cock hard and deep, Diego is no longer able to hold back and shoots his load as Wagner continues to pound his ass. Jalil is turned on by all this hot action that he shoots his never ending streams of cum onto Wagner’s mouth, tongue and chin. The warmth of Jalil’s cum on his tongue pushes Wagner over the edge as he blows his hot load. Diego continues sucking on Jan’s cock until he shoots a thick, creamy load. Let’s hit the streets of Prague!

Via Kristen Bjorn
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