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Hot Foursome: Strangers in Prague 2 – Scene 4

Strangers in Prague 2 – Scene 4: Jalil Jafar, Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Jan Faust

The streets of Prague continue to prove to be the hottest place in the world to meet the world’s hottest men. Wagner and Diego head out for the day when they run into Jalil and agree to hook up. On their way to Jalil’s they encounter a hot, muscular stud, Jan. Jan invites the guys up for an absolutely amazing afternoon. Wagner and Jan pair up and strip each other as Diego and Jalil follow suit. Huge, hard cocks are set free as hungry mouths begin to water and tongues dart in and out of the others mouths, the juices are flowing. Diego works to take the full length of Jalil’s huge cock in his mouth and throat as Wagner does his best to swallow Jan’s huge cock. Jalil slaps Diego’s cock to attention as he fucks Diego’s throat. The guys switch it up and Jalil begins sucking away at Diego’s cock while Wagner fucks Jan’s face with his cock of girth. After some hot cock sucking every cock is welled lubed and Jalil opens his hairy hole up for Jan to go skin on skin in his ass. With Jan’s huge cock plowing his ass, Jalil is busy sucking on Wagner and Diego’s huge cocks. Jalil flips Jan and goes raw on his ass while both men are sucking on Wagner and Diego’s throbbing cocks. The guys switch up again and Diego squats down raw on Wagner’s fat cock as Jalil feeds his cock to Wagner and Jan feeds his hard cock to Diego. Riding Wagner’s cock hard and deep, Diego is no longer able to hold back and shoots his load as Wagner continues to pound his ass. Jalil is turned on by all this hot action that he shoots his never ending streams of cum onto Wagner’s mouth, tongue and chin. The warmth of Jalil’s cum on his tongue pushes Wagner over the edge as he blows his hot load. Diego continues sucking on Jan’s cock until he shoots a thick, creamy load. Let’s hit the streets of Prague!

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Casting Couch #319: Sergio Serrano, Theo S.

Sergio Serrano is back and this time with more beef and muscle. Lean and ripped Theo S. joins him on the casting couch and does a great job of sucking on Sergio’s thick cock. He then fucks Theo’s willing hole.

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Shower sex with Milos Zambo, Mattias Solich & Donato Reyes


The Secret Gift Chapter 2

Donato Reyes shower has not hot water and calls the plumber Milos Zambo to give him some heat. He gets locked out of his house and has to call the locksmith Mattias Solich. Milos fixes the water and tests the hot water with a shower and is caught by Donato. Donato decides to join in for some hot cock sucking and ass eating. Mattias also has a big cock that needs to be sucked and Donato offers his willing mouth til they both cum.

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Casting Couch #272: with Robin Sanchez and Andres

Andres is a cute muscle pup in a jockstrap getting his ass worked over by sexy stud Robin Sanchez. Both suck on each others cock and then the attention turns to Andres’ sweet ass.

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Marco Salgueiro and Diogo flip fuck on the Casting Couch

Some nice tanned guys for you as Marco Salgueiro and Diogo take turns swapping blow jobs and then on each others smooth asses.

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