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Rugged sexy and shredded Cruz Brando

This is the second time that I have shot Cruz Brando for Jimmy Z Productions and he just keeps on getting better. This time we caught him a day after he competed at a major bodybuilding competition. His body is perfect condition, tanned smooth and ripped and veiny. His muscles are shredded and they look great when he oils up. Cruz is also sporting some very sexy facial hair that give him a rugged look to go along with his tattoos. And he still has his big hard uncut cock that can barely be contained in some of the underwear he tries on.

Via Jimmy Z Productions







Uncut muscle Cruz Brando in Madrid

We met Cruz Brando in Madrid for some hot solo action. Very sexy guy who is originally from Argentina was so at ease being naked and in front of my camera. Fun guy to shoot and very sexy eyes and even sexier thick uncut cock. Hopefully we can meet up with him again when he preps for his first bodybuilding contest.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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