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Pool boy Otto Mann flexes his muscle poolside

Otto from Germany looks like a natural in the California sun. He begins by cleaning the pool and taking off his clothes and flexing and oiling up. He was such a natural in front of the camera and knew how to pose to look extra sexy. It doesn’t hurt that he’s adorable too with those blue eyes and cute smile. The big surprise was how flexible he was with his legs. Must be a handy skill.
Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Oscar Maxx works up a sweat playing some basketball

Oscar Maxx hits the hoops for a nice work out. He builds up a nice sweat where he has to take his workout indoors and finish himself off. I also took pics of Oscar inside wearing a nice leather jacket and some shades and he pulls off the badass look quite well.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Monster Muscle Car Wash with Wolverine

Want a monster muscle man to wash your car? Wolverine is the man to do this. This was shot a few days after his bodybuilding contest so he was in prime shape. His hardness and vascularity really showed off. Did some shots indoor where the sexy man posed in a leather jacket.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Uncut muscle Cruz Brando in Madrid

We met Cruz Brando in Madrid for some hot solo action. Very sexy guy who is originally from Argentina was so at ease being naked and in front of my camera. Fun guy to shoot and very sexy eyes and even sexier thick uncut cock. Hopefully we can meet up with him again when he preps for his first bodybuilding contest.

Via Jimmy Z Productions

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Whats on my camera: Bodybuilder muscle cop

I didn’t have time to post yesterday, I was in Brooklyn at the space shooting a tall massive bodybuilder dressed up like a cop. Keep an eye out for this coming update on