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Signals: Scene 3: Devin Adams & Anthony London

Parking his pickup, shirtless Anthony London—his massive tan and hairy chest on display—removes hay bales with Devin Adams, who has two weeks before going back to school. “I’ll miss having those extra muscles around,” says Anthony, touching Devin’s arm. Anthony grazes Devin’s groin, pulling him in for a kiss. Devin unzips his boss and sucks his big dick. “That feels good, man,” moans Anthony, getting deep throated by a choking Devin—whose face gets closer to the stud’s hot tan line and hairy abs. “Suck those sweaty balls,” says Anthony as Devin snaps up the tall hunk’s dick. A spit strand connects Devin’s mouth to Anthony’s cock, the two switching positions as Devin gets his steel shaft sucked—Anthony gripping the toned stud’s balls. Bent over the trunk, Devin gets eaten and fucked: “I’m definitely gonna miss being on t he farm!” The bottom gets fucked on the hay, Anthony grinding in balls deep. Devin flashes his killer smiles as he gets slammed—the two releasing their wads as the bottom yells “I wanna see your cum!”

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Hans Berlin and Mike Tanner fuck at the Faultline Bar


At the club, Hans Berlin makes his way to the men’s room to piss, shaking his cock as he gets cruised through the doorway by Mike Tanner. Hans comes out and leans against the wall, the two rubbing their bulges as they stare at each other—their muscles bursting out of their tank tops. They approach and kiss, their beards bristling as Mike grabs Hans’ bulge. Hans sucks Mike’s hot cock, stroking his own uncut dick and grabbing Mike’s hairy pec as he slurps. Mike sucks his beefy bud back, his own cock throbbing on its own as he worships it. Mike gets on his back to take it up his hungry hole, an overhead shot capturing his hot toned bod as he gets pounded. “Squeeze your ass!” demands the top as he works. “I’ll fuck you ‘til you cum!” He pounds harder and faster, the two releasing their loads—Hans rubbing them onto the bottom’s bod.

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Signals: Landon Conrad plows Dario Beck


In the backyard, Dario Beck leans back into the arms of Landon Conrad, who reaches around to rub the dark-haired stud’s hairy chest. Dario rubs Landon’s legs, arching back for a kiss. Landon cradles Dario’s head as they suck face, the two rubbing each other during the sultry smooch. Landon reaches his hand into Dario’s shorts to stroke his cock, which is soon buried deep into the sucker’s mouth. Landon nibbles his partner’s foreskin, the two soon standing to kiss as Dario’s boner grazes Landon’s tight stomach—the bulge in the jock’s shorts growing. Landon’s big cock pops into Dario’s face, the two holding hands over Landon’s leg as Dario sucks. Landon turns Dario around to eat his hole and lick his hairy ass, grinding his big dick on it before sliding inside. The top pounds him from behind, Dario then sitting on Landon—staying hard as he rides. Landon reaches around to stroke the stiff bottom, the two staring at each other and kissing. They stand to stroke out their loads, Dario getting himself to the brink and releasing his hand as he squirts.

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Beefy and hairy Brad Kalvo has a special delivery from Devin Adams

Sideburns on a guy really turn me on and beefy hairy muscledad Brad Kalvo has got some nice chops on his face. Devin Adams delivers a package to Brad and to pay for it Brad offers his cock. And who wouldn’t want to suck on Brad’s hard cock and have that inside their ass.

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Scurffy muscle sex with Jessy Ares topping Ford Andrews

Reckless Scene 2

Hot scruffy top Jessy Ares checks in on his contractor Ford Andrews on his tools and craftmanship. The only tool Ford wants is Jessy’s thick piston inside his hairy ass. Both guys have nice furry bodies and some facial hair and Jessy fucks Ford like a champ, pumping that nice cock of his in and out of Ford’s hungry hole.

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