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Bodybuilder Bam Bam gets bound and tickled

After winning the wrestling match against Ryan Skull, We asked Bam Bam to take on another challenge, getting tickled. He agreed even though he knew he was very ticklish and hates being tickled. Bam Bam strips completely naked and is tied down to the table as Ryan began to tickle the young bodybuilder from his feet, sides and abs. Bam Bam struggles with laughter begging for mercy to stop.


Bodybuilder Ryan Skull gets tied up and tickled to the weight bench


Laughter can be a great ab workout. Watch as Bam Bam convinced Ryan Skull to strip down naked and get handcuffed to the gym for a tickling workout. Bam Bam tickles Ryan’s feet, abs and armpits with his big hand and brush as the tattoo muscle stud laugh and squirm uncontrollably. To top it off Bam Bam stroke his cock above Ryan’s head teasing him that he should take his protein shake

Via Buff and Bound

Beefy muscle Bam Bam gets stripped, hogtied and whipped

Young muscular bodybuilder Bam Bam finds himself bound and taken to the room where he is slowly stripped off naked and tormented by a mysterious muscle mask man. With his arms handcuffed and feet tied Bam Bam is subjected to the abuse at the hands of his attacker who fondle, whipped and pinch his helpless body.

Via Buff and Bound