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Derek Atlas Bound and Stripped

6 foot tall 215lbs muscle hunk Derek Atlas has just won his first national wrestling championship. Returning to his hotel room for some rest and relaxation the wrestling jock found himself attack by a mask intruder. Knock out and Derek is bound and strapped to the bed spread eagle style as the intruder began working on his muscle body.

Via Buff and Bound
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Justin Cox gets bound and tickled by Frank the Tank

The hot thing about this video isn’t the jock getting stripped bound and then tickled. Its the guy doing it, Frank “the Tank” DeFeo is on hot jersey bodybuilder and its great to see that he gets naked too as he tickles Justin Cox.

Via BuffandBound
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Bodybuilder Mario gets bound and tickled

Mario is a Mix Martial Art fighter and stripper from New Jersey takes on his first tickling experience. He strips completely naked and is tied down to the table as Frank began to work on his feet and continues toward the Italian muscle stud’s rock hard body.

Via BuffandBound

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Big muscle stud Billy Gunz gets bound and tickled

Big muscle stud Billy Gunz strips naked, bound and tied down to the massage table. Unable to move, he is subjected to extreme tickling from Frank The Tank. Frank tickles Billy’s feet, chest and sides. No amount of muscle can save Billy from his torture. You’re going to love watching Billy laugh and squirm as the intensity of the tickling gets too much for him to handle.


Buff and Bound : Ryan Skull gets gym bound by two men

Ryan Skull finds himself in trouble when two mask muscle men storm in and attack him while he was working out. Ryan is strapped and hung by his feet onto the gym equipment by his abductors. They stripped off his clothes and torture his helpless muscle body. Ryan seems to resist and not enjoy the attention as he struggles to break free.

Via Buff and Bound