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Butt Bank: Men in Tights!

tights_1Gotta love big beefy legs in tights. I know Tina from Bob’s Burgers loves them.tina_butt_bank tights_4 tights_3 tights_2Wish guys at my gym would wear tights. Check out more in this imgur gallery.

Muscle giant Sage works out his chest

In Part 1, Sage shows us a chest day workout that gets his massive muscles pouring out of his tank top. In between sets he talks about his body and the exercises and gives us some poses of his pumped up muscles. This gigantic hulk works out hard to grow his sexy muscles even bigger.

Via JimmyZProductions
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Bodybuilder Sash V gets ready to hit the gym

In Part 1, German bodybuilder Sash V wakes up and enjoys his body in bed. His muscles and cock respond to his touch as he stretches and flexes. We see him get ready for the gym by putting on the tightest clothes for his work out. At the gym, Sash V hits the weights and his muscles bulge out of his clothes as he gets even more pumped.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Tattooed bodybuilder Big Wheels Eddie hot shirtless workout

Big Wheels Eddie is covered in tattoos and in muscle. Watch as he works out his body to get it pumped and strips down to just some shorts to do his sweaty workout. Afterwards he hits some sexy poses and shows off his hard glutes.

Via Jimmy Z Productions
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Bodybuilder Karl Kasper gets pumped at the gym

Here is Karl Kasper, I shot these pics of him the day after he competed in a bodybuilding contest and his muscles were in excellent shape. Here in Part One, he pumps up his muscles big at the gym and you can see in the top picture that all his muscles are equally big.

Great guy to work with, sexy and knows how to tease the camera and show off. Keep an eye out for Part Two for his explosive finish.

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Via Jimmy Z Productions