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Guido sex on a black leather couch with Billy Heights and Jimmy Clay

Chains, big watches, tattoos, muscles, what else do you want on your guidos? Here is Billy Heights and Jimmy Clay getting it on a nice black leather couch. Pefect back drop for these muscle stud getting naked, sucking cock, licking ass, and finally Jimmy pounding Billy muscle butt.

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New Jet Set Men Scene: Billy Heights takes on HUNG Angel Rock

TSA Agent Billy Heights takes full advantage of the airports new security screening technology that scans the passenger in an almost nude like image which gives Heights the perfect opportunity to view all the big dick packing passengers that he wants. Heights takes note of this one hot passenger Angel Rock getting ready to enter the screening viewing area. . Once Rock enters the scanning area what appears on the screen is pure perfection a hard muscled body with a fat, thick 9 inch cock which makes Billy Heights ass go into a cock craving meltdown.

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TSA Billy Heights gets some hot passenger dick inside him

Jet Set Men Exclusive Billy Heights finally shows what he can do with that hot rock hard muscled body, big fat dick and those lips that were made for a perfect cock to enter. Heights who has never shot in any adult movies has taken to it like a champion fighter with being cast as the sexy TSA agent with a cocky attitude and a body everybody wants a chance to do their own personal inspection on.

Chaz Riley gets that’s chance playing a hot college kid who gears up to take that trip but gets side tracked at the gate by the TSA. Agent Billy Heights decides it’s his job to make his own rules regarding the safety of the passengers and if he has to take a few passengers back for a full body screening then so be it.

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Mee the hung thick Jet Set Exclusive Billy Heights

I think these sneak peek pictures speak for themselves. Billy Height’s muscles are as thick as his cock and he is listed as “versatile” so we will get to see his muscle ass in action too.
Keep an eye out for this Jet Set Exclusive as we get to see more of him in action as the months come.

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