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New Jet Set Men Scene: Billy Heights takes on HUNG Angel Rock

TSA Agent Billy Heights takes full advantage of the airports new security screening technology that scans the passenger in an almost nude like image which gives Heights the perfect opportunity to view all the big dick packing passengers that he wants. Heights takes note of this one hot passenger Angel Rock getting ready to enter the screening viewing area. . Once Rock enters the scanning area what appears on the screen is pure perfection a hard muscled body with a fat, thick 9 inch cock which makes Billy Heights ass go into a cock craving meltdown.

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Huge Release: Jet Set Jocks’ Cock Cruisin

Jet Set Men announces the release of COCK CRUISIN – a realistic exploration of man hunting where cocksure men take on some cocky boys. This new Jet Set Jocks release captures what happens on the streets of Los Angeles when a few hot guys go out looking to score some hard quick action and it doesn’t matter where it goes down.

Includes one of my faves Samuel O’Toole with Angel Rock, Brandon Wilde, Connor Maguire, Derek Chambers, James Jameson, James Michaels, Mick Gibson, and Perry Pierce.

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Brad Star gives up his hole to Angel Rock for JetSetMen

Brad Star is one bad ass mother fucker and in this scene with Jet Set Exclusive Angel Rock there is only one way to describe him, Brad Star is a Bad Ass Bottom. Yes the blond heart throb that melted so many hearts in Cock Tease is back and this time he’s on his back taking Angel Rock’s long uncut hard cock up his sweet blond pink hole!

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Meet the new young muscle top Angel Rock

Watch Angel Rock in his first sex scene with Jason Michaels on Jet Set Jocks

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