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Brad Star gets sexy on a tractor

Brad Star strips right there and have himself a one man tractor pull.

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Hot Property : Landon Conrad and Brad Star

Landon Conrad’s scored big time as Brad Star eagerly snatches up the hot property. As is his custom, Landon suggests to the new homeowner that they break in the house with a celebratory suck-n-fuck.

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Hung buds Alexander Garret and Brad Star slurp on each others dicks

Brad asks Alexander if he’s ever been with anyone that wanted to fuck him and had a bigger cock than him.. “Well, today’s your lucky day” Brad grins as he pounces on Alexander. They strip their clothes off as their hands explore each others cocks. Alexander’s thick uncut cock is huge but no match for Brad’s 9”+ boner. Yeah, today is definitely his lucky day as Brad goes down on his thick cock.

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Hung Brad Star pound his friend’s brother, Aiden Morgan

Pornstar: Aiden Morgan , Brad Star in My Brother’s Hot Friend

Aiden recent saw Brad’s ex-girlfriend and found out some juicy gossip. She mentioned she misses Brad and the sex they used to have. Brad is stunned yet excited and says he would do anything to get back with her. “Anything?” asks Aiden, “I can put in some good words for you if you help me”.

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Hunky Brad Star fulfills Cameron Marshall’s "Secret Fantasy"

Secret Fantasies: Brad Star and Cameron Marshall @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Welcome to the fifth episode of our “Secret Fantasies” series. This is the final porn star fantasy before the super-hot two-part finale. In the 2.5 years Ford has been in business, one question has piqued his interest. To ‘warm themselves up’ before a shoot, most models close their eyes and fantasize about whatever gets themselves hard and in the mood. Ford has always wondered what these guys are fantasizing about. Their “Secret Fantasies” series answers that question. Ford asked his models what they are fantasizing about, and then filmed it. The series is a real insider’s look at what makes these models tick.This week, Cameron Marshall tells us his secret fantasy. Evidently, he always had the hots for some of his sister’s hunky boyfriends. One in particular was a baseball player with a smoking body. In this re-enactment of his fantasy, we enlisted Brad Star to play the role of the dumb jock boyfriend. The chemistry in the scene is HOT, and the behind-the-scenes reel offers glimpse in what it takes to make a (silly) porn plot!

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